Sample Data Format
 Company-wise Capacity and Estimated¬†Capital¬†
Cost of Coal Projects in India
(2007 to 2012) 
 Projects  Company  Capacity (Mty)  Capital Cost
(Rs. in Crore) 
 Nigahi Expansion OC       
 New Projects Sanctioned by Coal India Limited (CIL)       
 Chitra East OC       
 Churi Benti Cont. Miner UG       
 Bharatpur Expn (Phase-III)       
 RCE/RPR Sanctioned by Coal India Limited (CIL)       
 Jhanjra Aug. UG (RCE)       
 New Projects Sanctioned by Coal Companies       
 Nakrakonda B OC       
 Hansdiha Patch, Sonpur Bazari Block       
 Ashok Expansion OC       
 North Urimary OC       
 Bhatadih Deep Extension OC       
 Durgapur Deep Extension OC       
 Junad Extension OC       
 Gouri-II Extension OC       
 Mahamaya Augmentation UG       
 Samleswari Expansion OC (Phase-III)       
 Bhubaneswari Expn. OC (Incr :10 mty)       
 Kaniha Expansion OC (Incr : 6.50 mty)       
 Balarampur Extn OC       
 RCE/RPR Sanctioned by Coal Companies       
 Chhal OC (RPR)       
 Kanchan OC (RPR)       
 Mahan OC (RPR)       
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